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Thanks for stopping by!  You can look forward to hearing more about some things I love, like saving time and money while feeding your family good, nutritious food, and improving your health and weight.  I am the self-appointed Recipe Makeover Queen, because I like to take a traditional recipe and see how much I can improve the nutrition while maintaining (or even improving) the taste.  I also like to tinker on my computer, explore my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska, and take photographs.


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I’m a mom to a 14 year old son, a Happily Retired (!) pediatric nurse, and now a writer.  Feel free to ask me questions about food and cooking in the comments section.


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Delicious Calico Beans

The long awaited recipe is here!  (okay maybe not as exciting as all that – but numerous health difficulties prevented me from getting this up sooner)  It is a good one for potlucks and picnics, or just because they are delicious.

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Blue Ribbon Winning Coconut Pineapple Bread

I have a recipe that I have had for over 25 years for Cranberry-Orange Bread that I got from a Wilton Cake Decorating yearbook.  In that time I have never made it as Cranberry-Orange bread! :lol:  I generally make it as Banana Nut bread; a few times when people have shared zucchini I have made it as Zucchini Nut bread, once as Applesauce bread, and a few times as Sweet Potato Nut bread.  It works well for all of them.

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Chili Recipe Search

I need chili recipes. I don’t like chili (except for the bad-for-you kind in a can with no beans that you put on hot dogs), but other people do so I figure my peeps will help me out.  Chili is a good (for non-picky eaters anyway), frugal, meal; easy to feed a crowd with, and it can tolerate sitting in a slow cooker for a long time.  So how can I make a course or book without at least one chili recipe?

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Cream of Anything Soup

Cream of mushroom soup (et al) are very popular, if not for eating, for gluing together casseroles and hot dishes.  But for those of us trying to eat better the ingredients in most of the canned soups are things to avoid, like HFCS and MSG.


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Frugal Friday Tip – Potluck Party!

(above, men do the serving at the Pow Wow potlatch)

Everyone loves a party, right?  A potluck (or potlatch, bring-a-dish, or covered dish supper) is a fun and economical way to have a dinner party without one person being responsible for the whole event.  Everyone contributes; non-cooks bring the beverages, ice, and paper plates and someone or someplace provides the home or place (this is very popular for picnics, cookouts, and church suppers). Continue reading

Whole Wheat Bread (for bread machines)

I’m calling this whole wheat bread, but you could use any whole grain like spelt (my fave), kamut, or make multigrain with a combination of whole grain flours.  You still want a base of wheat or spelt for the gluten even if you add some non- or low-gluten flours like oat or rice.  White whole wheat is milder for those who tend not to like traditional whole wheat, and it is lighter if you have kids that turn their noses up at dark bread.

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