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Chili Recipe Search

I need chili recipes. I don’t like chili (except for the bad-for-you kind in a can with no beans that you put on hot dogs), but other people do so I figure my peeps will help me out.  Chili is a good (for non-picky eaters anyway), frugal, meal; easy to feed a crowd with, and it can tolerate sitting in a slow cooker for a long time.  So how can I make a course or book without at least one chili recipe?

Looking for Regular, White, Vegetarian, and Beanless Chili Recipes. It won’t be a separate category, but if you make yours in a slow cooker or pressure cooker please note that.  Also, if you have one that even a picky eater might like, tell me that.  (And just so you know, that means no kidney beans, onions, tomato pieces, peppers – sweet or hot.)

Also since I don’t like chili, you guys get to vote for them with your Likes. Post the recipes on my Facebook Page.  Also, look at the recipes and hit Like if they sound good to you.  (To me chili and Like is an oxymoron.)


Winner gets Bragging rights and a spot in the yet to be determined class I’m compiling recipes for now. If you have a blog or Facebook page, I’ll toot your horn about that too.


 More Later,




PS:  I share my recipe for Calico Beans, what I do instead of chili, in the future.

  • Kitty

    Oh sugar, wish I’d know you have a calico bean recipe last weekend. I cooked a huge pot of calico beans that were dried and from last summer. Put most in the freezer to use during the summer when it’s too hot to cook. I would love to see your recipe for calico beans. I planted a row of giant calicos day before yesterday.

    • http://www.DavetteBrown.com Davette Brown

      I didn’t know there is an actual bean called a Calico Bean. My recipe actually uses black beans, white beans and pinto beans. Now I have to go learn about Calico Beans. Hope to have the recipe up by the weekend. :o )