Time Saver Tuesday Tip – Thin is In

No, I’m not trying to support a distorted body image; I’m here to save you some time in the kitchen.  For that thin is in – for your cut of food that is.  You already know this; a sheet cake cooks faster than a Bundt cake and a steak or chop cooks faster than a pot roast. How can you use this to your advantage?

Easy.  Take what you are going to make anyway and make it thinner.  Take a mallet, rolling pin, or even a heavy pot, and flatten out those boneless chicken breasts, chops, or the occasional steak (sometimes you want them thick – just not when you want it faster) to about 1/4 inch thick (~1cm.).  Hammering also makes the meat or poultry more tender (which is why the meat mallet is also called a tenderizer).  If the piece becomes too big, cut into two or three portions.

If you aren’t ready to hammer them down, get a good, very sharp chef’s knife and cut them thinner; some chicken breast can get you two or three good size slices.  If you don’t have a good knife (fix that as soon as possible) or you’re nervous about doing the cutting, a nice butcher may cut the meat for you if you ask. (shout out to Safeway/Carr’s – the butchers there have done this for me at no charge. )  Besides helping you get a healthy meal on the table more quickly, smaller pieces control portions and stretch your purchase further.

More Later,